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Clifton Park Air Conditioning Repairs

As a homeowner, you expect your air conditioning system to run well when you need it. A breakdown or tepid air coming from the vents is surprising nearly every time. During these times, you’ll want to know you have a reliable Clifton Park Air Conditioning contractor on hand to call for emergency AC service.

PGR Mechanical is ready to take your call for air conditioning repairs in Clifton Park. We serve several communities in the area with expertise as we have done since 2010. You’ll get fast response and competitive pricing.

We hope you will come to count on our quality workmanship and attentive customer care. If your air conditioning system isn’t working, we would love the opportunity to help you.

  • Energy Efficient Cooling Specialists
  • Emergency AC Repair Service
  • Rapid Response Time
  • Competitive Prices
  • Attentive, Skilled Technicians

Emergency AC Service In Clifton Park

There are some obvious signs you need AC repairs, but not all are obvious. Tepid air coming from the ducts is a sure sign you need repairs. Higher energy bills for no obvious reason is another. If you notice a strange sound, call our technician for repairs. If the unit doesn’t turn on, call us.

Sometimes the indoor air conditioning equipment will turn on but the outdoor equipment does not. Most people don’t notice this happening, so always check on the outdoor condenser unit to be sure the fan on top is still turning and humming. If it is not but the inside system is working, turn off the AC at the thermostat and call us. Leaving it on will very likely cause more problems.

Air Conditioning Repairs & Maintenance

The best approach to avoiding emergency AC repairs is to keep the machinery in good shape. This means you need to schedule maintenance for your air conditioning equipment. At minimum, a seasonal tune-up to prepare it for summer is important.

If you want to ensure your equipment runs great and lasts as long as it should, ask us about maintenance. We can work with you to service your air conditioner monthly, every three months, twice a year, or however often you prefer.

For professional air conditioning repairs or emergency AC service in Clifton Park, please call PGR Mechanical at 518-415-2486 or complete our online request form.

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