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Cohoes Heating and Cooling ServicesIn New York, both home and business owners look to PGR Mechanical for all their HVAC service needs. Since 2010 we have quickly established ourselves as one of the fastest growing and most trusted heating & air companies in Cohoes. We provide excellent service that is prompt, dependable and affordable. We understand what an inconvenience that a poorly running system is to you and all those inside of your business or residence. We work hard to earn your trust and ultimate satisfaction. We do the extra mile to provide you with solutions. Whether you need an emergency repair, ongoing system maintenance, or an entire replacement or installation, you can count on PGR Mechanical. Call PGR Mechanical, your Heating and Air Conditioning company for Cohoes Heating and Air Conditioning.

Heating & Cooling Repairs

Regardless of what types of system or equipment is in your property, our experience and highly trained team can provide you superior service. We provide full repair on all standard HVAC systems, furnaces, boilers and even heat pumps, Central AC Systems, and all residential and commercial units. We provide full inspection in order to accurately diagnose what’s wrong with your system, and then repair the heater or AC and restore it back to running like new. All of our estimates are honest and fair and we provide service that fits into your budget. If you want a great repair service without all the hassle then choose Cohoes.

Tune Up Service for All Your Systems

The difference in how much money you’ll spend on your HVAC, furnace, or boiler directly corresponds to how well your system is maintained. Since we know every component of all systems, then we are qualified to provide first rate preventative maintenance on all brands and all models. When your heater or AC is running at peak performance then you’ll save money on your energy bill and also avoid major repairs or system replacement. Your current equipment will also last for several more years. Our service is comprehensive and covers every part, all fluids, and even includes filters, air duct systems, and all vents. We service your HVAC from top to bottom.

Total HVAC Replacement

If repairs and costs of maintaining your old system exceed three fourths of what it’s actually worth or what you paid for it, then it’s time to get a replacement. This is always a daunting chore. With PGR Mechanical we make system replacement and installation easy and simple with no headache. We walk you through every phase of installation. This includes accurate assessment of your home or office needs, choosing the right model, deliver and installation, and final cleanup and disposing of your old heater or air conditioner. Regardless of whether you have a small home AC or a full central air system for your multilevel business, we replace all types of systems from reputable manufacturers that you know and trust. Call us today for a free on-site visit and estimate.

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