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Fort Edward Heating and Cooling ServicesPGR Mechanical is a full service HVAC service provider that has been operating since 2010. All though are company is relatively new, our technicians have been providing a wide range of heating & cooling services for several years now. In such a short amount of time, we have built a reputation in East New York as a leading HVAC service provider. We perform routine maintenance, repairs, and installations/replacement for all types of heating & cooling equipment including boilers, furnaces, and standard HVAC systems. We also service hot water tanks and heat pumps, and even provide clean air solutions. Call PGR Mechanical, your Heating and Air Conditioning company for Fort Edward Heating and Air Conditioning.

Tankless & On-Demand Water Heaters

Over the last 10 years tankless water heaters have soared in popularity. There are numerous benefits of investing in tankless water heaters. The reason is advantage is that you decrease the amount of water you use in any given setting. Rather than turning on the water and waiting for it to heat up, tankless water heaters instantly heat the water upon demand. Since on-demand systems do use a tank, but rather heat the water as it runs through the system, then you have an endless supply of hot water. No more waiting for the tank to fill back up. Tankless heaters run far more efficiently than hot water tanks and require less space.

Air Conditioning Installation

We provide all AC installations for both residential and commercial properties throughout Fort Edward and the surrounding area. If you have a new system that needs to be installed then we provide full service that includes on-site inspection, old system removal, full implementation, and cleanup. From start to finish we can help you with your new air conditioner including how to use it and make the most of all the features. You can choose your own brand or allow us to recommend a quality brand from a manufacturer that you trust. We install all air conditioners according to manufacturer’s specification to insure quality and durability.

Air Conditioning Repairs

If your HVAC system goes out in the heat of summer, then you want a company that you can depend on to provide honest, fast repairs and an affordable service. You can count on PGR Mechanical for all your repair needs. We’re the company that both hone and business owners in East New York trust with the most important system in their home or office. With one phone call we can arrive at your home or office for an on-site inspection. We’ll provide an accurate diagnosis and a fair estimate and then get to work to repair your AC fast.

Air Conditioning Tune Up

If you want your air conditioner to be running at peak performance all year long than contact a PGR Mechanical technician for a routine HVAC tune up. Preventative Maintenance insures that your system will operate smoothly during the times when you need it most in the summertime and harsh winters. A finely tuned air conditioner will also run more efficiently and save you hundreds of dollars on your utility bill every month. We offer a comprehensive tune up service that covers all components on your system including all fluids, coils, motors, drains, filters, wire connections and so much more.

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