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Professional Bucket Truck Service: Tree Service & Commercial Lighting Options


You already know you can depend on PGR Mechanical when you need work only the best HVAC contractors can handle. We take the same professional approach for dealing with bucket truck jobs in and around the Glenn Falls area. Our primary professional focus for bucket truck service is cutting down trees and changing commercial light bulbs.
We’re a company you can rely on for quality work and impeccable standards. From our standard heating and air conditioning services to our light electrical, every job we take on is our top priority.

When a job is beyond your scope or even the magnitude of what you can handle with the equipment you have, let us do the work for you. Bucket truck jobs are something we’re equipped to take care of with skill and precision.

Professional Tree Extraction Service

Some jobs require more than even the professionals have available to them. There are plenty of tree service companies in the area, but not all of them have a bucket truck in their options of fleet vehicles. And sometimes, tree climbing for removal isn’t the best option.
When your job calls for 65 feet or higher service, you need PGR Mechanical. Tree extraction is one of the bucket truck jobs we provide.
Some benefits of choosing a bucket truck operator for tree removal:

Enhanced Safety – Using a bucket extension is safer than climbing

Increased Mobility – We’re able to reach branches that tree climbers can’t

Lower Risk of Damages – Cutting from a allows the branches to be moved away and dropped instead of cut and dropped by a home or landscaping

Commercial Light Bulb Replacement

Businesses often leave burned-out bulbs in place for too long because they don’t have the means to easily change them. We provide safe, fast, and efficient commercial light bulb replacement service to help you keep your property well-lit.

Pedestrian protection

Decrease liability risks

Increase employee safety

Reduce opportunities for vandals and criminals

Attract business beyond sunset

If you have a job that requires the use of a bucket truck, we’re here for you. Call us to inquire about bucket truck jobs in Glenn Falls

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