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Part of making your business or home a safe and clean space is taking care of Glens Falls indoor air quality. This has become more important, now more than ever, as we become more aware of the condition of the air we breathe. Without taking proper measures, it is thought to be true that many indoor spaces have poorer air quality than the outdoors. There is no excuse for you, your family, or your staff and clients to be subjected to worse air inside your building than outside.

By taking the right steps to put an end to this you have a better chance of reversing this potential hazard. And at PGR Mechanical we want to be the group of professionals you come to trust in to make this happen. Since 2010 we have been working hard to show this community how dedicated we are to quality handiwork and customer care. Obviously it has paid off by the impeccable reputation we have earned for our crew here.

In addition to offering the finest in craftsmanship and customer service, we also happen to have the fastest response time. And if that wasn’t enough, we also manage to beat out our competition when it comes to pricing. So why not give our Glens Falls HVAC contractors a call and let us take care of whatever it is you need done for your indoor air quality services.

Air Cleaners

If you want to protect yourself and those you care about from contaminated air then you are going to have to give some thought to adding air cleaners to your residential or commercial space. Many reports indicate these days that the air we breathe inside our home or workplace may be as bad if not worse than the polluted air outside. Indoors is one place we should feel safe about the air we take into our lungs.

This is especially alarming for anyone who may suffer from asthma, allergies or other breathing related conditions. Help ensure that you, your family members, your staff and your customers are exposed only to healthy and safe air. Let us show you the options you have for indoor air purifiers.

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The air inside your home or business can be extremely dry and it only gets worse during winter months when heating makes the air even more arid. This can be trying to mucous membranes which can lead to problems like nosebleeds, illness or increased chances of concerns like asthma. In order to make your home or workplace a safe and healthy environment for you and those around you, a humidifier is the best way to go. 

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UV Lights Air Purification

Glens Falls, like the rest of the country, is under the weight of the threat of Covid-19. You wear the mask, you social distance as much as possible, but how can you protect yourself and your family at home? The HVAC contractors at PGR Mechanical has the answer: UV lights air purification.

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