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Common Glens Falls Heating Repairs

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There are countless reasons why your home’s heating system may not be working as well as it should be and all of these mean the need for heating repairs. At PGR Mechanical we come in contact with a variety of these service needs on a daily basis. So if you think you may be in need of Glens Falls heating repairs then you may want to see if any of these seem familiar to you.

The Top 5 Common Culprits

So what could be wrong with your system? There is a strong possibility it could be among these top five common issues:

  1. Thermostat Malfunction – More than likely you are aware of what the thermostat is; the device which controls the temperature. That means it determines when the heat should be produced and how much. So if you experience a problem with the thermostat you have problems with your heating production.
  2. Dirty Filters – You might be surprised how many problems can be traced back to dirty filters. Simply taking care of replacing the filters monthly can make a world of difference in the performance of your system.
  3. Lack of Maintenance – We have come across heating systems that have literally never been serviced. Schedule regular maintenance with a trained and experienced professional so you can keep your system running smoothly. People tend to want to skip the added expense of getting regular maintenance. Yet the irony is that this service is what actually helps keep the system running correctly. Plus, without maintenance, the major repairs or replacement you may need will be a great deal more expensive.
  4. Ignition Control Problems – If the pilot or ignition experiences control problems then you are likely to have a heating unit that will not work properly.
  5. Mechanical Wear and Tear – As you can imagine, there are plenty of parts that make up your heating system. This means that there are a lot of things that can malfunction. Over time, normal wear and tear can begin to take its toll on one or more of these parts, especially if you neglect to get the proper maintenance required.

Find the Right Team

At PGR Mechanical we are the best crew of Glens Falls heating repairs professionals to get the job done. Since 2010 we have been taking care of homes and businesses in the Glens Falls area. We know what it takes to make your heating system work properly and are known for flawless workmanship and customer service. Don’t take chances when it comes to your heating and cooling; call on the PGR Mechanical name and find out for yourself what makes us number one.

If you are looking for a Glens Falls heating repairs expert, then please call 518-415-2486 or complete our online request form.

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