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Tips to Transition Your HVAC From Summer to Fall

Posted in: Heating Tune Ups

glen falls heating tune upsGlen Falls homeowners get ready – winter is coming. Maybe not tomorrow, but the time has come to start thinking about making the switch from warm weather to cooler.
One of the most important seasonal transition preparations you can make is scheduling an appointment with an HVAC contractor to address the need for a tune-up and any existing repair needs that may have been neglected. Take good care of your heating and cooling system and it will do the same for you.

Making the Right Choices for Your HVAC

Before the cooler weather starts to move in, have you worked with your HVAC contractor to be prepared? Here are some ideas you can use to help get ready for the changing of the seasons:

  • Above all else, make it a point to schedule your heating tune-up. This service allows HVAC contractors to assess what is going on with your heating and cooling system. Adjustments can be made and minor repairs addressed. All in an effort to make sure your system is running as good as it should be.
  • Learn how to adjust the temperature change, in increments. The temperature may suddenly take a dip but your thermostat should follow more gradually. Too big a change in the temperature could put too much strain on your system, especially if it is an older one.
  • Don’t forget the role that your window treatments play. Start letting in more natural light during the day in an effort to create a warmer interior. This will reduce the amount of strain put directly on your heating system to keep the place warm.

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