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Latham, NY Residential Cental Air Conditioning UnitLiving in the Latham, New York area means you have many needs for quality heating and air conditioning services all year long. You also need to have the right indoor air climate that ensures you’re breathing quality, pure air that’s good for you and your family.

Our HVAC services here at PGR Mechanical can provide you with professional repairs, installations, testing, and more. Our passion is in making sure our area homeowners experience the most in energy efficiency while enjoying the most comfort in their homes possible.

We also serve many commercial clients, ensuring commercial HVAC systems receive professional, quality repairs and installations. From heat pumps, gas fed furnaces, central air systems, mini split ductless systems, indoor air quality and humidity control equipment to steam systems, boilers, heat pumps, split systems, and more, we are fully trained and ready to help you no matter your HVAC needs. Call PGR Mechanical, your Heating and Air Conditioning company for Latham Heating and Air Conditioning.

Quality Heating Repairs in Latham

When you’re hunting for quality, affordable heating repairs, look no further than PGR Mechanical. You’ll have technicians by your side when you need them, day or night, offering you the best in repairs in the Latham area. Whether your heater needs a tuneup, regular maintenance, repair, or needs to be replaced, our expert HVAC technicians can help you. We specialize in commercial heating as well, giving you advanced methods of heating your home or commercial properties.

Expert Air Conditioning Repairs in Latham

Whether it’s air conditioning repairs or installations, we can help you with your air conditioning needs here in Latham. Many homes of today are being fitted with mini ductless systems which are perfect for our area of the country.

Older homes or commercial buildings may not have centralized air handling units, which are perfectly suited to add on a system that requires little space and no duct work. Each room is fitted with the right sized unit to take care of the air needs for that room. In this way, your air is perfectly balanced with the right amount of cool air with no excess that would otherwise mean uneven temperature zones within the building or home.

Latham Indoor Air Quality Services

Improve your indoor air quality with humidity control equipment this year. We also have extensive options in indoor air purification and filtering systems. Our first step would be to determine your current indoor air quality. Once this is determined, we can suggest the right equipment that will take care of the air quality and humidity control needs. You’ll have better air you can trust so you can stay healthy and avoid common problems associated with poor indoor air quality like asthma, allergies, or mold and mildew problems.

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