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Commercial HVAC Repairs — Shapes and Colours Day Spa


Commercial air conditioning systems require regular maintenance, and without it, they can develop some frustrating problems. At Shapes and Colours Day Spa, it turned out that this was a big part of the problem they were facing when they called us for repairs.

The owner informed us that her spa was being heated or cooled correctly, so there were spots in the building that were uncomfortable. At least two other prominent HVAC companies had been under contract for this property but were not able to identify the problem. PGR Mechanical arrived on the site and immediately noticed that the rooftop unit had not received the maintenance that should have. Along with that, there was a very poorly located thermostat as well as a damper that was closed, preventing conditioned air from getting to part of the spa.

We cleaned the rooftop AC unit, opened the damper, and relocated her thermostat.

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Here’s what Kelly, the owner, had to say about our work:

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I can’t understand why other companies couldn’t see what’s wrong with my store when PGR Mechanical seemed to figure it out so easily and quickly. I am so glad you came dropped off your card. Now my clients and the girls who work here will be so much more comfortable and happy. Thank You so much Phil”

– Mrs. Kelly Colonie, NY | Rated: 5/5

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