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Furnace Replacement on Christopher Way in Clifton Park, NY

Furnace Replacement in Clifton Park, NY
A customer in Clifton Park called with a problem with his heating system. Diagnosis revealed it would have been a costly repair. Many HVAC business would have seen dollar signs and would have been happy to just repair this old, inefficient unit. The repair would have had the customer more than half way to the cost of a brand new, York furnace, much higher in efficiency. The customer asked for a new system and requested we add a Fields ultraviolet air cleaner to his system to help fight allergens in the air. The customer was so happy with PGR Mechanical he told his neighbor a few houses down and has already requested a tuneup on his Central Air for the summer. His neighbor is also just as happy with the work.

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  • York 95% efficient

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Clifton Park, NY

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