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Wilton, NY Residential Cental Air Conditioning UnitLocated in the northeastern part of the county of Saratoga, Wilton, New York is the home for just over 16,000 people. Annual temperatures in the area are an average high of nearly 60°F with an average low of around 37°F which means for those of us who live and work in the Wilton area we need to be sure our HVAC systems are working well in order to give us comfort and protection in our homes and businesses.

As we all know, the cold in winter can be harmful if we’re not properly protected from it. Our homes and commercial business spaces should provide us all with sufficient heating during winter and cooling during summertime. When a heating system or air conditioning system fails, we’ll need access to quick repairs and replacements.

At PGR Heating & Air Conditioning, our passion is ensuring the comfort of our customers with our professional HVAC services. We don’t want to see anyone go without heating or air conditioning when they need it. We take care of all your heating and air needs whether you own commercial or residential properties. Call PGR Mechanical, your Heating and Air Conditioning company for Wilton Heating and Air Conditioning.

Quality Heating Repairs in Wilton

When you need quality heating repairs, you need a service company fully educated and trained on your specific HVAC system. You need to be sure the technician handles the problem correctly the first time. Whether your heater consists of a central forced air furnace, a boiler, a split system, gas or oil fed system, steam systems or other types, our technicians are fully licensed and prepared to make your heating repairs, replacements, or new installations for you.

Expert Air Conditioning Repairs in Wilton

When you’re an HVAC specialist, you also have training and experience handling all types of air conditioning equipment on the market. Our service technicians have extensive HVAC training and certifications to help you with your air conditioning needs as well. Our technicians can handle any unit or piece of equipment you have including added on systems to control humidity or other issues that need taking care of like air purity.

Wilton Indoor Air Quality Services

Many times the humidity level and air quality of your home play an important role in how well your heating and air systems can function to control your air. Being comfortable in your home means your air isn’t too heavy with humidity or too dry with not enough humidity.

Maintaining a balance is key, but you can’t maintain a balance until you know the current condition of your indoor air quality. Our testing will help you determine exactly what you need to have done to give you better air to breathe and the right humidity levels in the home or commercial building.

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